Coaching Action Plan for Ryan Catholic College

Thinking Science Program

Micro-Coaching Process
Stage 1. Pre-coaching (early Term 1 2018)

The pre-coaching checklist will be completed by teachers in the sections: motivations and directions (‘professional standard’ column will be completed at a later date by the coach).  You will need to think of a developmental goal related to one or several of the 5 pillars of Thinking Science or another aspect related directly to a Thinking Science lesson.  This developmental goal will form the focus of the coaching sessions. This form will be sent to the coach prior to Stage 2 and you should use the digital form below.

Stage 2. Lesson feedback (Term 2 2018)

One Thinking Science lesson will be videoed (using a go-pro or similar) during term 1 2018.  The lesson to be videoed will be the teacher’s choice of either Lesson 3 or 4.  For teachers teaching Year 2, Lesson 18 or 19 are receommneded.  The video will be sent to the coach for review.

Stage 3. Individual Coaching Conversations (20 mins, Term 2, 2018)

Each individual teacher will be allocated a time to spend 20 minutes with the coach during term 2.  During the conversation, teacher and coach will explore some of ideas that were identified in the pre-coaching sections. A review of the feedback of the lesson video and an action plan will be developed that provides strategies to aid in growth of the identified developmental goals at this stage. 

Note: feedback of the lesson will only be based on the development goals identified in Stage 1.

Stage 4. Lesson feedback number 2 (Term 3, 2018)

A second Thinking Science lesson will be videoed during term 3 2018.  The lesson to be videoed will be the teacher’s choice of Lesson.  Pairing up with another teacher in the department, videos will be shared between the pair and critical feedback provided to each other using the established lesson observation form.

Stage 5. Relections and refinements (Term 4, 2018)

At this stage, the teacher will have a clear idea of their accomplishments and further development needs. A second 20-minute conversation with the coach and a final redefined action plan / reflection will be written. 

A full mapping of AITSL’s Standards will be provided during the coaching. 

Up to 5 hours of PL time can be recorded with the QCT.

Thinking Science Coaching - Stage 1. Pre-Coaching Form

Stage 1 of the Micro-Coaching Process is completed here. Once you have completed all sections, hit submit to send this form to Tim Smith