Thinking Science Collectives


A network of local schools committed to embed Thinking Science in their junior secondary curriculum.  Sharing resources and learning together.

Thinking Science is an evidence-based Cognitive Acceleration program that has earned the respect of many educationalists including John Hattie (ranked #2 in Visible Learning) and Dylan Wiliam.  The program has been the subject of recent Australian research with continued findings of its success in promoting higher levels of achievement and thinking ability.

Join a network for professional learning and connect with other schools in the area to access the entire Thinking Science PL Series as well as individual coaching in each school.  Joining a Thinking Science Collective is an excellent way to provide high quality, relevant PL for the science department.  Training costs are shared between schools in the Collective making this one of the most cost effective ways to deliver PL.

Applications are invited to join the 2018 Thinking Science Collectives in Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Townsville.  Not in one of these cities? Contact us for more information.


¨ Two years of support: 8 days of PL over the two years;

¨ Coaching for all Thinking Science teachers;

¨ Access to preferential rates for Thinking Science Equipment;

¨ Unique ‘shared resources; personalised learning’ model.


Download the Thinking Science Collective information pack here


Apply to join a Thinking Science Collective

Applications for 2018 are now open. Applications must be submitted by 1 November 2017