Cognitive Acceleration Conference 2015 - Featured Speaker: Mary Oliver

07/09/2015 09:53

Associate Professor Mary Oliver, Univeristy of Nottingham, UK

Mary is a science teacher, and has taught in schools in Bristol, Copenhagen and Perth, Western Australia, before taking up a research position in science education at UWA and moving to Nottingham in February 2014. She has worked with pre-service science teachers in Australia and was Director of the Australian Biology Olympiad for several years, serving on the Steering Committee of the International Biology Olympiad.

Mary's main interest is in how people learn. She is researching into the effects of a cognitive acceleration program (CASE) on students, pupils and teachers, both the cognitive and affective domains. Mary is interested in what students and teachers think and understand about science, inquiry and engagement in science and using evidence to close the attainment gap. Her current projects include investigating how informal science learning (outside the classroom) experiences can be used to support learning and why very able girls are underrepresented in Physics.

Mary will be delivering the Keynote presentation at the Cognitive Acceleration Conference and will be with us to answer questions throughout the conference.

Conference information and registration is available by clicking here