Cognitive Acceleration Conference - Featured Speaker: Amanda Tocci

15/09/2015 08:02

Amanda Tocci, RIP IT UP Reading, NSW

Amanda is currently completing her final few months of a PhD in Psychology at the University of Newcastle examining the impact strategy instruction has on children with Working Memory deficits and reading disabilities. The research has shown a significant lack of appropriate identification, assessment and intervention strategies for children with reading disabilities in the current education system. At the completion of her PhD Amanda expects to be heavily involved in advocacy and lobbying for change in reading programs in NSW Schools. Amanda's PhD will allow the utilisation of 8 years of doctoral study and her 20th year of academic study to begin to influence change and advocate for children who are slipping through the gaps in the education system.

At the Cognitive Acceleration Conference, Amanda will present some of the findings of her research which addressed the following questions:

1. Will a working memory theory reading intervention program increase pseudoword, word reading and reading comprehension in a reading disabled population?

2. What effect does a working memory theory intervention reading program have on numerical operations and maths reasoning development?
3. What impact does a working memory theory intervention reading program have on the phonological loop and visuospatial sketchpad of working memory?

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