Cognitive Acceleration Conference - Featured Speaker: Mike Lloyd

11/09/2015 14:00

Mike Lloyd,, UK, Australia, Brazil.

Entrepreneur, and education technology leader, Mike Lloyd’s passion is to help make schooling systems more effective through the use of technology. He has assisted organisations in over 30 countries to develop solutions that meet the needs of modernised schooling systems.

He recently wrote “Schooling at the Speed of Thought” based on over 20 years’ experience in education technology. Previous publications include “National Grid for Learning, a School Plan” and “Fresh Approaches to Funding ICT”.

Mike’s early career as a teacher and manager in schools involved infrastructure, curriculum and capacity development. Mike left teaching to join Microsoft in 1999, where he worked for nearly 14 years, and in a senior worldwide role for most of that time. In September 2013, Mike founded and leads, a company dedicated to accelerating innovation, creativity and intelligence through technology. CLWB’s customers and clients include leading schools and education organisations in Singapore, Brazil, UK and Australia, and world-class businesses including ARM, Intel and Microsoft.

Mike will be delivering his STEMD based keynote entitled: Developing Innovative Students and Teachers: STEM, Entrepreneurship & 21st Century Competencies

Governments and employers cry out for innovation, but what does that mean for education? Mike's presentation will explore how technology can be used to amplify creativity and intelligence, to help develop innovative students.

Key questions include:

How schools can foster the creativity that humans will need to set them apart from computers?

What are schools around the world doing to address the innovation agenda?

What are the latest tools and techniques being used to prepare students for the future?

Check out and see Mike at the "Building Skills" conference in Athens in April 2015.

Mike will also lead a workshop on how STEM is vital in the 21st Century education paradigm

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