Thinking Science PL Opportunities - Register now - Get Ready for Year 7 in 2015 - Last Chance in 2014

21/10/2014 21:33

There’s still time to register for PL in 2014!


Thinking Science is a great way to engage learners and promote thinking skills in Science lessons.  Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education is an evidence based Piagetian thinking program for learners in years 7 and 8.  With large projects in WA and now QLD, Thinking Science is growing in popularity.  Find out how you can get involved before the Christmas break.


Thinking Science National Conference in Perth, WA.

Building Effective Pedagogies – The inaugural National Thinking Science Conference.

Join the team in WA for the first National Conference for Thinking Science with keynote Professor Mary Oliver.  It would be great to have QLD represented at this conference.  Tim Smith from QLD will be there to support the QLD delegation and will be reporting on how Thinking Science is advancing in the Sunshine State.  See the attached flyer and click here to register


Professional Learning in QLD through Cognitive Architecture

The 2014 Conference for Thinking Science in Brisbane was a huge success and many schools are now planning for implementation in 2015.  Cognitive Architecture is here to help.  If you have a team of teachers preparing to teaching Thinking Science in 2015, send them along to one of our PL days in November. 


Thinking Science PL Day 1 – 12 November. This introduction to Thinking Science is ideal for those preparing to teach Thinking Science in 2015 or those how just want to find out more!  See the attached flyer and click here to register


Thinking Science PL Day 3 –  5 November. This day builds on experiences gained at the QLD Conference or other Thinking Science training event.  We will a little more closely at the pillars of Thinking Science and hone Cognitive Acceleration facilitation skills. See the attached flyer and click here to register


Would you like us to come to you?  For a group of teachers, this is a great way to deliver professional learning – email Tim Smith ( to discuss how we can support your school and tailor a package just for you.


PL Opportunities in 2015

Cognitive Architecture will be delivering the entire 6 days of PL for Thinking Science over 2015.  Keep an eye on and sign up for email notifications.