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Our new BOOKCLUB sends you a book every month and welcomes you to an online community of like-minded professionals.  The books we send you aim to bridge the gap between educational research and classroom practice.  BOOKCLUB starts in May 2021.

Our pre-launch event offers a lifetime discount of 10% for the first 25 members and 5% off for everyone else! - Ends 15 April 2021.

Two levels of membership:

BOOKCLUB (Monthly Book Subscription and Online Community Access) - AU$59 /month

BOOKCLUB LITE (Online Community Access only) - AU$29 /month 


Finding time to read truly inspirational education literature is hard, yet we know that sustained professional reading has a positive impact on practice.

BOOKCLUB connects you to a professional reading community, discussing a single education book every month, making it easier to engage with high-impact professional learning.

We send you a book (or you can source the book yourself) and invite you to participate online where we share resources, engage in professional conversations, and host live webinars. The central aim of BOOKCLUB is to explore education books that bridge the gap between research and practice.

By joining Bookclub, you will receive:

¨ An inspirational education book each month;

¨ Subscription to our Moodle online learning community;

¨ Access to resources, discussion forums, and a monthly live webinar;

¨ Professional Learning Certification after 6 or 12 months.


To launch BOOKCLUB, our first book will be 10 Things Schools Get Wrong And How We Can Get Them Right.  

In this book, brain and behavioural research are combined with respected philosophy in order to place ten widely accepted yet rarely examined aspects of education under the microscope.

Sign up before 15 April 2021 to receive this book of the month.


Join the professional conversation as a member of the BOOKCLUB community via our online Moodle LMS.

As a member of the BOOKCLUB community, you will have access to discussion forums, resources, and our monthly live webinar.  This access includes the historical resources from previous months too!

Prefer to source the book yourself and have community access only? No problem!


June 2021 - Fear is the Mind Killer

July 2021 - Running the Room


BOOKCLUB can invoice your school or institution directly.  After 6 months of membership, you will be issued with a certificate of Professional Learning linked to AITSL standards.  As soon as we Launch, we will send you a brochure with all the details which can be submitted to your Professional Learning coordinator.