The cognitive demands of the curriculum are often above the cognitive ability of the learner.  This results in frustration for both teachers and learners.  Professor Philip Adey and Professor Michael Shayer described the problem using Piaget's stage theory of cognitive development.  Their research helped to pioneer a pedagogical approach that resulted in better preparation for cognitive challenge: Cognitive Acceleration.  Our work has focussed on providing training for Thinking Science, the first of the Cognitive Acceleration programs (see the What is Thinking Science? article) but this new course looks at the general Cognitive Acceleration approach

In the secondary school context, Cognitive Acceleration programs have been written for science, maths, English, the arts, and technology with example lessons in other subjects too.  The 'Let's Think!' programs for the primary years (K - 6) have also included specific programs in literacy, maths, and science.  

This new PL event includes access to online resources and a one-day event to introduce you to the theory and practice of Cognitive Acceleration in the Primary and Secondary school.  Example lessons will be provided for junior secondary English, maths, and science along with examples from the primary Let's Think! programs.

Cognitive Acceleration: An Introduction

Too often, our learners struggle with the demand of the curriculum.  What if we could improve the cognitive ability of the learner so that they are better able to cope with those demands?

Research into Cognitive Acceleration has shown that we can do just that.  Accelerate the rate of cognitive development, enabling our leaners and giving them the reasoning skills they need to thrive in a content rich curriculum.  

The introductory course is suitable for all colleagues regardless of prior experience.  Examples lessons will be presented for teacher in the primary sector and the secondary sector.  This course would be suited to principals, leaders of curriculum, and classroom practitioners at all stages.  Download the brochure below for more information.

Course availability, Semester 2, 2021, 


Cognitive Acceleration: An Introduction (download info or sign-up online): 

Cairns - 23 July 2021 - St Mary's Catholic College

Townsville - 30 July 2021 (SOLD OUT)

Brisbane - 13 August 2021 - (SOLD OUT)

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