Live Webinar on Cognitive Acceleration

As a precursor to our new Online Courses on Cognitive Acceleration, join us at a time that suits you to hear how the intervention was developed and the impact it has had. 

You will gain access to our new Moodle LMS and will be able to access a range of pre- and post-webinar materials, engage with colleagues, and join the discussion forums.  

Learn beyond the webinar and join now for early access - strictly limited to 10 participants per webinar!  International registrations welcomed! Click the date to see the event in your timezone:

20 Aug 2020 - 15:45 AEST (sold out)

26 Aug 2020 - 13:45 AEST (sold out)

27 Aug 2020 - 07:30 AEST (sold out)

27 Aug 2020 - 15:45 AEST

3 Sep 2020 - 06:30 AEST

3 Sep 2020 - 17:00 AEST

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Thinking Science: Professional Learning Series

Thinking Science is a Cognitive Acceleration program for students in year 7 and year 8. Grounded in Piagetian and Vygotskian psychology, Thinking Science has been shown to dramatically improve learners' general thinking ability which in turn leads to improved educational outcomes.

Delivered over six days, the Thinking Science Professional Learning Series will equip you with everything you need to deliver successful Thinking Science lessons.

Sign up online (no need to pay now, you can opt for invoice to be sent to your school)