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Welcome to rethinking thinking, our online journal for information related learning and leadership.  In 2014, Cognitive Architecture set out to help others navigate the perilous terrain of educational neuroscience and the science of learning.  We've worked with over 500 teachers from more than 60 schools.  We love what we do!  These blog pages are here to share what we have learned and to help you reflect on the latest ideas in education.

Our history

Our first professional development course took place in 2014 for a small group of colleagues who had heard about the Thinking Science Australia program (also known as CASE, Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education) and who were keen to try it in their school.  Later in the year, we held the first Thinking Science Conference in Brisbane, welcoming more than 35 colleagues from 15 schools.  Since then, our services have grown from conferences and courses to include coaching and mentoring programs and online learning through our dedicated Moodle platform.


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Regular content will be published here with important updates related to our work around educational neuroscience, the science of learning, and cognitive acceleration.

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